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Export Grants

Consolidate and diversify markets outside Quebec

Analysis Criteria

  • assessment of the incentive nature of financial assistance according to the company's financial situation (this assessment will take into account equity in relation to the amount of assistance and dividends paid in relation to net profits);

  • adequacy between the project and the business model of the company;

  • ability of the company to complete the project;

  • risk assessment associated with project activities;

  • appreciation of the potential benefits of the project;

  • link of the project with the strategies and priorities of Investissement Québec.

Eligible clients include: 

  • For-profit businesses legally incorporated in Quebec or Canada and having an establishment in Quebec. This includes social economy enterprises and non-financial cooperatives.

  • Companies operating in one of the following sectors:

    • manufacturing sector ,

    • retail and wholesale trade sector - distribution (if they carry out value-added pre-production [product development] and post-production [purchasing, marketing, marketing and distribution] activities and have their head office in Quebec ),

    • motor tertiary sector (if they have high value-added activities contributing significantly to the production of goods or using new technologies). 

Molecules Bio

Government Grants & Tax Credits

Technical analysis, Expenditure identification, and Project eligibility screening.

SR & ED Presentation

Visual Representation of our work, plus information to get your business growing! 

Export Grants

PEX Export Program:

Be better prepared to export or strengthen the capacity to export.


Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program.

CRA & Quebec Revenue Analysis

Audit representation and follow up.

Hiring and Training Grants 

Determine your eligibility for various training grants offered by the government. 

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