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Why D&A Consulting?

Donna McLaughlin, who has worked in the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) field since 1989, is president of D & A McLaughlin Consulting Inc. Her expertise relates to showcasing grant applications to maximize government refunds, to facilitate applications and assist in documenting work claimed in SR & ED and the expenditures which are allowable.

D & A McLaughlin employs technical writers who hold numerous degrees in chemistry, engineering, accounting, textile science, garment production and liberal arts. The writers specialize in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics and metallurgy, consumer goods manufacturing and the textile and garment industry.

Our clients are based mainly in Montreal, Eastern Townships, the Beauce, the Greater Toronto area and Central Canada. The small and medium-sized businesses we service are manufacturers who have sample making facilities, production facilities and off-shore production.

D & A Mclaughlin provides specialized accounting services directly relating to the SR & ED government claim forms, T661, RD1029 and other pertinent forms. D & A McLaughlin uses the most current and widely-used income tax software which permits the company to work closely with the external accounting firms/auditors and file the SR&ED claim on-line.


Government Grants & Tax Credits

Technical analysis, Expenditure identification, and Project eligibility screening.

SR & ED Presentation

Visual Representation of our work, plus information to get your business growing! 

Export Grants

PEX Export Program:

Be better prepared to export or strengthen the capacity to export.


Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program.

CRA & Quebec Revenue Analysis

Audit representation and follow up.

Hiring and Training Grants 

Determine your eligibility for various training grants offered by the government. 

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